Pet Raccoons!

I’m not going to lie, the thought of having a raccoon as a pet has crossed my mind more than once. Especially when Nick (our service manager at Palm Bay Wildlife Removal) brings a baby raccoon into the office! I feel so bad when their mom has left them and they look so sweet and cuddly. Nick always gives me that look and then takes them to a rescue, but I can’t help but want one! I have to say my husband wouldn’t be so happy about me bringing one home either. First of all they are really messy eaters and I can be OCD about my cleaning sometimes. They also are super active so crating them all day wouldn’t be a good option. Lord knows they are curious little things so I would never be able to trust it alone in my house. Then I remember I did survive the toddler stage with two kids so how bad can it be???

raccoon trash


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